They’re All Dead

They’re All Dead

First book in the Grandpa Mystery Series

Police Chief Saunders told students in Jimmy’s class about several old cases. Jimmy was pleased; at least this day he would have something interesting to tell Grandpa. At first, they enjoyed their talk, but when Jimmy mentioned the third case, the fun stopped. Jimmy did not know it, but he had opened the door to Grandpa’s secret past.

Grandpa was shocked, but to be true to what he had preached to his grandson, Grandpa had to face the police and his past. Jimmy and Grandpa go to see Chief Saunders, before the conversation is over they wonder if Grandpa’s knowledge of the people and events might warrant a new look at the case. Grandpa and Jimmy become convinced Grandpa’s knowledge will help with the old case, but it might be key to a new case. When dead bodies begin to show-up, the police are convinced.

The police investigate, but there is nothing for them except Grandpa’s memories of the people and events of the past. The case becomes a race to stop the new plans before disaster strikes.

They’re All Dead is the first volume in the Grandpa Mystery Series. Grandpa and Jimmy find themselves in cases with more twists and turns than the road up Pikes Peak. Match wits with the boys as the case unfolds and they chase a memory comeback to life.

If you enjoy a good mystery this series is for you.

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Happenings Cookies and Calico

Dorothy Ferguson, a grandmother in Greeley, Colorado, breaks her leg. Sitting in her kitchen while she recovers, she invents a very popular product and builds a nationwide business. When things go bad, she reinvents herself and has another amazing chapter in her story. Dorothy’s life has great successes and overcomes hindrances and barriers. She was a pioneer, entrepreneur and dreamer. This is also a great love story.